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February 12th, 2008

For those finding it hard to reach me @ 02:20 pm

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New phase in life approaches!
As the summer comes crawling towards its end, aside from Lugh's last few short bursts of sweltering proportions coming this weekend, there is an invitation to start preparing for the fall of the seasons - to shed and reap.
New endevours are craving work and play - and i have well started providing these elements. I have so little time for mindless activities such as television or other inactivity of a sloth - when there is so much to explore in the late evenings these days after a day's of work. (according to an old Chinese saying "CHoose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life" - so going along with that, aside from aoccasionally creaking hands from massage or square eyes from naturopathic research - i rarely 'work' - i enjoy) :)
Both city and country has come alive with theatre and the enchantment of people and philosophy on all topics worth measure.

So for those of you who cannot reach me often enough - and I know many of you that will read this post here or elsewhere - may be finding it hard to catch me - please do ring me on my mobile as it is getting exceedingly hard to catch me online - I simply dont have the time to waste in front of the computer or typing away the hours - for Life is for Living! :-)
Bright blessings and bounty of experience to you all :-)

April 22nd, 2007

just say the word.... @ 11:17 pm

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Just say the word, and i will kneel
to all my friends, i will yield
to love and honour
from foe I will shield
protectress - sister Isis with her wings enveloping all those who would rest in her arms
those that trust
will feel my bleeding heart to feed their souls

at time there are nothing but black holes where the smiles should have been
alchestars - raining down and piercing the pump - little horrible vampires
im so sick of it
sick from it
used as a means to release, as source of learning and time stolen, a place to adhere your aggression....

just black holes where the smiles should have been
and now i laugh as it slides of me, without them knowing
as they feed no more
Bar Closed

clock strikes
and there is a deep breath -
and the creation of time to give to those who fill the night sky with the starry smiles that glitter in the mystical night of the witch

and the witch smiles, and as she looks in the mirror, I smile with her.


Alchemy of Cerridwen's Cauldron - Journey of Pre Samhain 2007 @ 11:02 pm

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When reality is nought but stagnant,
And flux is conducive to separation from the without
It hears me
It hears me
The self, she hears me
And there is wisdom, past the pain and the doubt
That crawls between your sheets, and steers the inner primal
And what is love, what is lust, is but mesenchymal
Its everywhere
In the mirror that stares
An emotional wave that is none but tidal
A cycle of knowledge exponential,
The alchemy of Cerridwen’s cauldron


January 22nd, 2007

Hecate's Promise @ 01:15 am

Through seething minds eye, I hear the deepest chasms of the self
calling to the land that Hecate - in all her mystified splendor - has prepared for me.

Hecate, Hecate
I die to be reborn today

Hecate, Hecate,
I dissolve my pearls in the vinegar of ego's tears -
to evaporate the post climactic recumbent acid vapours with the New dawns sun -
and allow the wisdom pearls to coagulate as moulded anew
to new resolve
new understanding.

birthed wisdom from your dark and unforeseen womb
that I will tommorow feed with my own bounteous bosom that will be gifted
To feed the cuts and thorns, to grow into matured wisdom.

Hecate - Splendid Lady of the Beast that guards the Journey's entrance
Guide me through with your torch of fears and risk - allow me to die in your welcoming arms
and be rebirthed from the shelter of your womb - lost and cold -
So that I may learn how to nourish myself from my own mistakes and times of triumph

Hecate - Hecate -
I die to be reborn today

Bring forth the delight and pleasure of the journey,
to lesson the blows of actualities forked tongue
Let the spirit rise and tremble - giving force to shatter with vibrancy the protective walls that build o'er
So that I may build a palace in it's stead

Hecate, Hecate -
I die to be reborn today

To dissolve the solid, and solidify the dissolved.
The allow polarities rock and waters to become my bone and blood.

(no subject) @ 01:13 am

Time to take the time to sit down, organise - let go and learn.

Time to blend into the bed - and wake anew and refreshed to take on the daily tsks without distractions - and help others to help themselves.

September 14th, 2006

update @ 02:12 pm

Live journal is awful - i really dont like it for all the controversy it has caused in many different communities. Truth is always in the eye of the beholder, and never gives space for variants and different points of view. LJ has both remedies and added to the effect.

Anyhow - update is as such - im going away for a holiday to polynesia - and i am getting the oppurtunity to meet other herbalists from this area - specifically vanuatu - which will be awesome!!
my website is being added to everyday, including my web shop :)
So excited.
Things are perfect within my relationship - i couldnt ask for anything more whatsoever. Even just yesterday i was suprised with hand picked boughs of orchids, with everyone given a reason why i was being gifted - this kinda thing happens so often. And i've got a guy i can actually communicate with, talk to openly, and be absolute best friends with!

i better go - ive got patients arriving soon - :)

May 21st, 2006

In memory of Loren @ 02:28 pm


On Thursday, 18th May, 2006, My best friends, Loren Borlase, passed away.
I will miss her greatly, And mourned greatly for her, yet I know she is in a place of peace and serenity without pain or sorrow. May she forever be in all our hearts, speaking her alughter and wisdom, and continue blooming within our souls with her love as she always did.
Loren, precious dear Lady, we will never forget you and your beautiful endless love.

May 18th, 2006

wilsons prom @ 12:14 pm

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Ive just uploaded somwe photos from my trip to wilsons porm last summer.
take a peek. :)

(no subject) @ 11:55 am

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This is my first entry for my live journal. I dont have much time, as I have to eat some lunch and run off for some pampering. I havent had a facial or a massage for over a year now, so as a graduating gift for myself, im getting a facial. Hopefully will be a lovely relaxing experience!
If i feel up to it, I will also be off salsa dancing tonight to get my backside shaking some energy off!!

I had my graduation last week. I've had my degree on my wall since a year ago, and my adv. cert for over 2 years, but i guess i thought it was time to get into the monkey suit and take a few photos for my parents to put on their bedroom wall to be proud at. It was great to catch up with others I graduated with last year, and celebrate our achievements.